​Quilted For You

The golden child, an accomplished drummer who is studying English and Linguistics at The University of North Texas.

Quilted for Longmont Quilt Guild Sew Brave Bee which makes quilts for QOV and other military groups.


Donna sews and quilts for Quiltmaker Magazine. 

Donna W Smith fell in love with quilting  in 1998 after she attended her first International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.  When her family moved to Colorado in 2002, her goal was to start a longarm quilting business so she could stay home and raise her then pre-Kindergardener son.  Fifteen years later, her son is a junior in college and Donna is still quilting to help pay for it.  She loves working with her customers and is lucky to get to collaborate on quilts.  Its not all about the quilting , its about the quilt and the quilting should be the bonus when looking at the quilt.